Maggie Sasso received her BFA from Murray State University in 2006 and her MFA from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2010. She has taught at UW-Madison, Oregon College of Art and Craft, and currently at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. She serves as a Board Member and the Chair of the Conference Committee for the Furniture Society. Sasso works collaboratively on projects such as the grant funded Mobile Museum of Material Culture, which was featured in the documentary “Blink Again”, a permanent installation for the Madison Children’s Museum and at collaborative events such as the Emma International Collaboration and the Hawaii Artist Collaboration.

Sasso has created numerous rigorously conceptual bodies of work that reflect her formal craft education. She has the uncanny ability to find double-entendre in the least likely of places. Recently, her work examines the language and history of flags, maps and maritime culture. By interrogating specific objects, unpacking and twisting their meaning back on themselves, she comes to discover the unique stories they each hold, and the ways in which they succeed and fail in imparting their stories to us.