Our story begins with a walk. Here comes Strange now. Strange is very much like I am, in more ways than not. Strange is an artist, a scientist, and likes to have adventures. But what Strange can do, that I cannot, is see the world with a sense of wonder, just as a child does. Look, Strange has just found a box…

Chapter One- In which Strange finds a tool and adopts a new aesthetic along the way.

Here are the contents of the box: three books; one about maps, one about patterns and one about letters; a stack of paper; two sticks of wood; and buried at the bottom in a smaller box, a tool with a note that reads ‘proportional dividers.’ “I like these things,” said Strange, “I’d like to keep them, They aren’t like anything else I have and I don’t know how to use them.”

Strange continued on the walk, box in hand. She visited many places and found something new at every stop. At her Very Good Friends house she found a table, a cylindrical pouch, and a compass. “May I borrow these?” asked Strange. “Of course,” said the Very Good Friend. On a table, Strange found a briefcase with a note that said ‘free.’ In an odd store Strange found a large piece of metal.

When the walk was over, and Strange was home, she unpacked everything and laid it all on the ground so she could see it all at once. She looked, and she looked, and she looked some more. Then Strange said, “I think I need to use these things to draw.”

As Strange worked, a very strange thing happened. For the first time, Strange picked up the tool that she could not use, and suddenly she could use it. She needed more tools, and made them out of the piece of metal, and when she used them, they were the most perfect tools she had ever used. Before long Strange had drawn a map, and the map fit right inside the cylindrical pouch, then Strange looked at me

“What’s next Strange?” I asked.

“I’m not sure, but I think it’s time for an adventure”…

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