Chapter Two- In which Strange finds a tool and is tasked with finding its purpose.

Strange, having decided it was time for an adventure, began to pack. Logically, she opened the briefcase and gathered objects from her room that she thought she might need; the compass, her new tools, a hair brush (not one to brush ones hair, but rather one made out of hair), paper, a device for counting, and some bits of thread.

“I’m not entirely sure this will be enough thread,” said Strange. She remembered she had a large spool elsewhere and sure enough, she found it, but it was much larger than she remembered. “This might be too much,” said Strange, “but then again, my mother always told me ‘you can never have too much thread,’ I’ll need a way to carry it.”

So Strange began to work, inventing a way to carry all that thread. She worked, and she worked, and she worked…

After a while, Strange stopped working and looked at what she had made. The spool was on a metal pole with a looking device on top. She looked through the device and could see, in the distance, a wood pole, painted blue with gold numbers on it, a 0 in the center and from there counting up to 9 and down to 9. There was a flag at the top on hinges, and hook on the side. The thread ran from the spool, all the way to the hook.

Strange scratched her head. “What is this?” she asked and looked at me.

“I’m not sure,” I said, “you were trying to find a better way to carry that gigantic spool of thread.”

Strange looked confused.

“You were going on an adventure,” I offered.

“Oh, that’s right,” said Strange. “I’m not sure I achieved what I was aiming for, this is far too heavy to carry. I guess I’ll go for another short adventure, and see if I can think of a purpose for this contraption.” 

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