Chapter Three- In which Strange discovers the abundance of flags in the landscape and is fascinated by the interaction said flags have with the wind.

So Strange set off on a short adventure, a walk by the sea. The wind was blowing very hard, and it was difficult to walk. So Strange turned around and walked in the other direction, but it was still difficult to walk. Strange wondered where the wind was coming from? She looked around and on the waters edge there was a flag. It was blowing away from the sea. She got out her compass and found the wind was blowing from the east. As much as Strange liked walking by the sea, she decided to turn away from it, and walk with the wind.

As she walked, she saw hundreds of flags of all shapes and sizes. “I’ve never seen these flags before, but they must have been here all along,” exclaimed Strange. The more Strange walked, the more flags she saw. Strange liked how the wind made the flags come to life. Each moment, the flag looked different. “I’m quite interested in flags and the wind. Perhaps I will make one, and fly it on a pole, and study its movements,” said Strange. Strange set off for home with a great excitement, and when she arrived she walked inside and saw the spool of thread with the wood pole sitting there. Strange suddenly looked distraught.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I was going on an adventure, and then I made an odd tool and was going to find its purpose, and now I want to study flags. I keep getting sidetracked. I don’t know what to do."

“Well,” I said, “adventures take years and years, it doesn’t matter if you’re out and about or at home,

it doesn’t matter if you start doing one thing, and then do another, it’s all an adventure. Who knows, maybe observing the flag, will help you understand the spool of thread with the wood pole.”

Strange thought about it for a moment, and then she smiled. She got out her needle and thread, and started to make a flag.

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