The Museum of Material Culture, 2009

Maggie Sasso and Kara Ginther are curators of an exhibition entitled “Here’s Everything I Know”, she said. The exhibition displays the work of Dorothy Hamlin, a psychologist who studies people obsessed with objects. The exhibition includes a small sample of things from Dorothy’s Laboratory, as well as cases filled with the objects with which her patients were obsessed. But Ginther and Sasso don’t stop there; as it turns out they have not only invented this exhibition, but the entire Museum of Material Culture, complete with the Museum’s Archives detailing upcoming shows, as well as the work-space of the Museum’s Curator.

The Mobile Museum of Material Culture, 2010

This project was the result of a collaborative effort by Maggie Sasso and Kara Ginther. It was Generously funded by a BLINK! grant from the Madison Arts Commission, the Mobile Museum seeks to bring art and artifacts to the streets of Madison. The Mobile Museum made many appearances in Madison between 2009 and 2010, including at the Monroe Street Days, Willie Street Parade and at Madison’s ‘Ride the Drive’. Viewers were asked to pay and penny to see an object (two penny’s for the peep show). This project was featured in BLINK again. A documentary by Brian Standing at Prolefeed Studios.

The Inadequate Electrician and Other Such Oddities, 2009

Each case contains objects found at the abandoned Biochemistry building, which was demolished in 2009 at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Vacuum Cleaner, 2009

Hypothesis: A vacuum cleaner is designed to collect and rid of dirt, hair, dust and other detritus that is abundant and persistent in our daily lives. I propose that the vacuum cleaner is not designed to ‘rid’ of this substance, but rather to create an object of it.

Test: To determine the properties of the object created by the vacuum cleaner, I will vacuum the art department and inspect the contents of the bag.