Chapter One- In which Strange finds a tool and adopts a new aesthetic along the way.

Our story begins with a walk. Here comes Strange now. Strange is very much like I am, in more ways than not. Strange is an artist, a scientist, and likes to have adventures. But what Strange can do, that I cannot, is see the world with a sense of wonder, just as a child does. Look, Strange has just found a box…

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Chapter Two- In which Strange finds a tool and is tasked with finding its purpose.

Strange, having decided it was time for an adventure, began to pack. Logically, she opened the briefcase and gathered objects from her room that she thought she might need; the compass, her new tools, a hair brush (not one to brush ones hair, but rather one made out of hair), paper, a device for counting, and some bits of thread.

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Chapter Three- In which Strange discovers the abundance of flags in the landscape and is fascinated by the interaction said flags have with the wind.

So Strange set off on a short adventure, a walk by the sea. The wind was blowing very hard, and it was difficult to walk. So Strange turned around and walked in the other direction, but it was still difficult to walk. Strange wondered where the wind was coming from? She looked around and on the waters edge there was a flag.

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